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How to Download ?

               In order to save time the powerful Google Search mechanism has been customized in such a way that the result will be pinpointing on your chosen music file. Depending upon the web site, where the targeted file resides, the following Download behaviours can be expected. You have to follow one of the methods to download.

1. Simple Direct Download method

2. Right click on the file then select “Save target as” method

3.Right click on "Download" then select “Save link as” method

4. A list of songs without hyperlink (you will not be able to click on it) will be displayed but there will be a single clickable link named “Download from 4shared” at the very end of the list.Go for that link.Sometimes it will be a movie wise list in that case there will be a link named "Click Here" or "name of the song" at the end of each section.


Links to Popular Music Sites




4.Hot Mentos  





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